World Map, Procedural Generation, and Postcard Art!

Originally posted as a public Kickstarter update

The Hunt is definitely on!

Xin took some time to re-envision the world map, looking at old maps and using the lore we’ve been working on to get the right flavor. So this is the new design for the fabric print available to Weaver and Super Collector backers, a lovely illustration of one Moon Hunters world:


Of course, this is only one configuration out of effectively infinite possibilities. The Wolf Clan village will always be in the jungle, for example, but landmarks (such as Tyrant’s End) are random selections from a wide possible variety, and the world grows naturally, randomly, different every time.

So perhaps it’s fitting that Mike worked a bunch on the procedural level generation, too! Each “adventure area” (or you can call it a Danger Zone, I don’t mind) is made up of level “chunks”, which can involve an assortment of pre-built enemy spawns, special events, dungeon entrances, etc. In the editor screenshot below, the player spawn is in the upper left, with the purple dot on the right being the goal and how to leave/’complete’ the area.

Screenshot 2014-10-07 18.01.17

Some levels will be much more open and exploratory than this — others will be even more tight and focused. We’re also in the midst of building our Chunk Editor tool, which will let me build dozens (or hundreds! thousands! okay probably not millions) of possible chunks as puzzle pieces to build the levels.

Also, Xin recently finished the art that will adorn the Pen Pal (and Super Collector) postcards, which we’ll be ordering from the print shop in the next week or two and sending out soon after. It’s a concept for the atmosphere, culture, and wildlife in the riverland that is the home of the Celestin nomad tribe, which you all unlocked as our first stretch goal!


Each tribe calls the Moon Goddess by different names, and the Celestin prefer “Queen-in-Exile” or “Dark Lady”, invoking her for various reasons but especially when they feel in need of calm, rational thinking, and/or forgiveness.

You can also see a possible new design for a familiar animal, a cleverly camouflaged amphibian — perhaps this is what they call a Riverchild? The Celestin say that the souls of men who meet an early death sometimes return as pale, sickly-white Riverchildren, haunting the mothers and lovers that outlive them. I wasn’t sure what a Riverchild looked like before, but perhaps this is it…

Next Time?

If you have a friend who wants to pre-order, point them to our game site, and then encourage them to find us on some kind of social media or other. Otherwise, it’ll be hard for them to hear about when the game’s ready to release, or start beta testing, or when our development livestreams start up again!

For the next while, we’ll be working on our Tribe Management and growth systems, and online networking, so maybe more information on that would be in order..?

Until then, by the light of the Moon,

Tanya & the Kitfox tribe