Dustfolk Developments & New Prints and Shirts for Sale!

Originally sent to our newsletter and posted as a public Kickstarter update

It’s been TWO MONTHS since the Kickstarter campaign ended…!? That seems crazy. We’ve been working so hard in that time, the time is flying past. But we’re relatively on schedule for a beta in the spring or summer next year, complete with building your village, becoming a myth, and hunting for that missing moon.

We’re using the Dustfolk tribe as our test-bed for features, so the desert will feature prominently in this newsletter (and the next few to come)!

Holiday Merchandise Sale

First, we HAVE to tell you the urgent holiday news: we’re now selling art prints and shirts, with an all-new Songweaver design! If you forgot to pick up a shirt or poster, or think you know someone that would appreciate a gift like this, please do! Everything is at a discount until December 27th! The cutoff to have your order guaranteed to be delivered before Christmas is soon, so choose quickly!


Art Progress

Xin and G.P. have been cooking up characters, enemies, and environment pieces galore!


Dustfolk villagers: Ameehsal, Lahamu, Shamash, Seeker, Rafiq, and Kirisha!

One of our favorite NPCs not pictured above (though you can see him painted in detail from one of our livestreams) is Goatbone! Named by a Kickstarter backer, Goatbone appears when you build a Medicine Hut, offering to teach anyone his elixir recipes.


Design Progress

I’ve been using the environment pieces the artists create to build unique encounters for desert adventures. We call these encounters “chunks”. Whether it’s an enemy nest or a sub-plot, chunks are the basis for our procedural generation system, which strings them together (according to each chunk’s rarity) in a semi-coherent way. Here are a few example desert encounter chunks (all screenshots taken in-game!)


Feature Progress

Meanwhile, Jongwoo has been working on the tribe management and combat design, particularly in revamping the Spellblade to be more active and responsive. The Spellblade now has a “phase dash” that lets him move extra-quickly, and his area slash is even more fun when it pushes enemies around!



Mike has been improving the procedural generation of the adventure zones, working towards making them as attractive, surprising and satisfying as hand-built maps. There’s still lots of work to be done in making the scenery more interesting and varied, but we’re definitely making progress! Plus, he’s been writing a lot of the network code, getting the game compatible for online multiplayer!


Adventure that’s different every time!

We have been dealing with the physical rewards for the campaign as quickly as we can, but we still have a few more Kickstarter backer rewards to fulfill. We’ve sent out our postcards, most T-shirts and posters, but the fabric prints are taking a bit longer. The holidays means mail travels particularly slowly, so backers outside North America should watch for them arriving in early January. And if you’re a Super Collector, we’ll be sending your bunches of things all together, so be patient and watch for updates on Facebook and Twitter!

Our next big deadline is late January, when we hope to be able to show the game off publicly at a live demo night here in Montreal. In order to do that, we’ll need to make sure that only is our combat, village-building, and procedural generation up to snuff, but that we’ve squished any major bugs that will interrupt the presentation! Wish us luck!

Thanks for reading,
Tanya & the Kitfox Tribe