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Public Appearances

The Kitfox team took a bit of a rest this week, recovering from all of the crazy antics in San Francisco, Boston, and even in Montreal. Kitfoxes were everywhere, showing a small Moon Hunters demo to anyone who would play with us. We created 2-player and 4-player test modes and received lots of great feedback from players. Most seemed to gravitate to the Druid’s transformation (LION!) and the Witch’s “laser beam”, but fun was had by all.

We also showed at Montreal Joue, Nuit Blanche and Arcade 11 here in Montreal, letting all sorts of locals try their hand at the game. You can spot us in the upper left:


And we even presented it to some folks on the big movie screen, letting them demo with each pixel taking up a foot of real screenspace:


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Meanwhile, we sold a bunch of pins and met so many great people! We didn’t take many good pictures, but we took lots of great memories from this little booth:


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