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Sharing That Moon Hunters Love!

TCAF 2015

It’s link round-up time!

A couple of weeks ago during the Toronto Comic Arts Festival, we had a small section to show off Moon Hunters to a packed crowd of attendees. You can see our write-up and a few more photos from the event on our Facebook post: here!

While we were demoing our latest build, RPGamer stopped by and wrote about their experience playing Moon Hunters:

“We were having so much fun exploring the areas within the game, that we realized we had been playing the demo for over twenty minutes and others clearly wanted a turn.”

Paper Droids even listed Moon Hunters as one of their favourite games of the festival. Thank you!

Finally, PBS Game/Show mentioned Moon Hunters in their latest video about food in games. Our cooking system hasn’t been shown off yet but here’s the episode for those curious (and/or hungry) fans:

Meanwhile at Kitfox HQ, we’re hard at work getting the latest build ready for our E3 appearance, as well as preparing to switch office spaces at the end of the month.