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Fan Art Contest Winners

It was a tough decision with lots of great entries, but with only one grand prize, we had to make a decision. Congratulations to our winner, Alisdair Ross (@alisdaiross), for his rendition of the Moon Hunters Druid!

druid fanart

Look at that beautiful composition, color palette, and detail. Just gorgeous work, Alisdair. We hope you’ll love your art book and Indiebox as much as we love your art!

And this time, we decided to award three runners-up. All three will receive a signed art print of their choice. In no particular order:

by Kira Ocultus

by someartistkid

four friends
by Jeanette Leh

Congratulations to our winners!

And now for the honorable-mention submissions that touch our hearts. Thank you to all of the participants — we’re so glad you’re enjoying the game. We hope it can continue to inspire you.

We show them below, in no particular order, for everyone to admire. Aren’t they fantastic? Dreamy? We think so.

by Claire Loudis, (@foxdragonnerd)

by Enforcer
by Meta Evar
by Pavel Provotorov
by Ned Doodle
by Ned Doodle
by Ned Doodle
by Nickolas Solum

Fan Art and Cosplay Contest

In celebration of the Art of Moon Hunters going on sale, and the game being selected for the PAX 10, we’re running a community contest for the next two weeks.

Update: See the winners!

You could win the grand prize (estimated value ~$200):


The grand prize pack (one per category) includes our physical art book, four Steam keys, two artist-signed 6×9″ art prints, two buttons, and the contents of the limited-edition Moon Hunters Indiebox (including limited-edition coasters, ingredient fridge magnets, Sun Shrine USB key, silver crescent moon pin, soundtrack, sticker, and instruction manual).

Want a close up? We recorded a little video of each:


Runners-up will receive one artist-signed 6×9″ art print in the mail (their choice of the 2 designs), along with two Steam keys to the game.

Every entry must be in the Visual Art category and be Moon Hunters themed.

To enter, submit your entry, in the form of JPG, PNG, or video to by August 25th at midnight.

You can enter as many times as you like, but you can only win once for each category. If you’re a winner, we’ll contact you to get your mailing address.

Our favorite submissions will be displayed on the blog and/or social media. You are of course free to use your art, photos, or costume for whatever else you like, as you own the rights to it.


  • Q: Can I buy the prizes? A: Mostly! There are a few Indieboxes left, including shrine, manual, pin, coasters, magnets, and soundtrack. Plus you can order the art prints from Society6 (unsigned). The physical art book is available on Blurb! Contact us if you’d like to buy the PDF.
  • Q: Do you prefer digital or physical art? A: We have no preference, so long as you submit via email. It’s up to you, the artist!
  • Q: What about cooking? A: We love cooking! One of our favorite entries last time was a recipe (yay Jordan!), and cooking is a timeless human tradition. However, limiting the contest to visuals helps the judging process.. and three categories is too much for us right now! Maybe we’ll revisit cooking for a contest timed around Thanksgiving. šŸ™‚
  • Q: My entry is both visual art AND cosplay! A: Too bad! Pick one.
  • Q: What if I come to your PAX 10 table in my costume? A: That would be AWESOME. We’ll have a little present waiting for you, especially if you warn us ahead of time when you want to come by!

If you’re looking for inspiration, check out the gallery of last year’s entries. Now get drawing, or sewing!

With love and cookies,
Tanya and the Kitfox Crew

Super Blood Moon Eclipse Contest: WINNERS!

Late last night marked the end of our fan art contest and we can’t get over all the amazing entries we received! It was ridiculously impossible to pick winners. I mean, we eventually did it, but we just about died of disagreements.

No, seriously, we each voted for our favourites and talked about it at length until we came up with our list of winners. It was really tough, and we will never forgive you for making this decision so difficult. Our lives are very hard already, and here you are, sending in all this awesome stuff. Sheesh. Well done, everyone.

So with that suffering out of the way, let’s take a look at the drawings, poems, 3D model and recipe (!) below.

For runners up, we have a lovingly rendered pixel art submission of the Songweaver underĀ a Super Blood Moon, and a delicious looking dish inspired by some of the ingredients in Moon Hunters! (You can even prepare it yourself! :O )

Songweaver by Andrew Harron
Songweaver by Andrew Harron
Apricot Pecan Cake with a Honey Apricot Glaze by Jordan (professorlitwick)
Apricot Pecan Cake with a Honey Apricot Glaze by Jordan (professorlitwick)

In 3rd place, it’s Frederic Tarabout with his rendering of The RitualistĀ (Look at those flames! Those skulls! I think she means businessā€¦) He’ll get 2 Moon Hunters keys!

The Ritualist - Frederic Tarabout
The Ritualist – Frederic Tarabout

2nd place?Ā It’s Elliott Davis and his amazing 3D render of Teller Roa. You can even see the time-lapseĀ video and a Sketchfab model! He’ll get 2 Steam keys and a pixel art commission from Mike H!

Teller Roa by Elliott Davis
Teller Roa by Elliott Davis

And for 1st place, the top award goes toā€¦ Alex DiochonĀ with his interpretations of the main heroesĀ in Moon Hunters. We love how each one has a distinct look, outfit and pose Ā — especially the Spellblade.. but especially the Witch… but especially the Druid… and the Ritualist skulls… and check out that moon…! Alex will get 4 Moon Hunters keys, a pixel art commission by Mike H, AND he’ll be able to name a creature in the game.Ā Congratulations! šŸ™‚

Moon by Alex Diochon
Moon by Alex Diochon

Thank you so much to everyone who participated or who helped spread word about the contest! We love being able to see what inspires you fromĀ the world of Moon Hunters.

Hopefully we can hold another contest before the launch in January, but until then, be sure to keep up with our Kickstarter updates for major developments, or on Twitter @KitfoxGames. Be sure to check out the rest of the amazing submissions below! šŸ˜€

Ballad of a Missing Moon by Kiluwe Mbuyu
Ballad of a Missing Moon by Kiluwe Mbuyu
Where the Celestin Reside by Kevin Nguyen
The Witch by Meta Evar
Stolen Moon by John Harro
Stolen Moon by John Harro
Where the Celestin Reside by Kevin Nguyen
Where the Celestin Reside by Kevin Nguyen
Songweaver and Fifi by Jennifer Thym
Songweaver and Fifi by Jennifer Thym

IfĀ you ever make any fan art, please do feel free to post it anywhere and everywhere (Steam! Twitter! Facebook! a local art museum!) and let us know so we can tell everyone about how awesome you are! šŸ˜€ Your art always puts a smile on our faces, whatever medium you work in.

Super Blood Moon Fan Art Contest

With aĀ Super Blood Moon Eclipse coming up on September 27th, we’ve just got toĀ appease the lunar deities… so we decided to hold a fan art contest!

That means it’s time to get creative. Break out those markers, Photoshops, ukeleles, pens, notepads, Play-doh, needlework, and typewriters (or what-have-you) because it’s not limited to visual arts. Feel free to work in whatever medium you feel most comfortable in, as long as it involves characters or settings within the Moon Hunters universe. You can check out our Presskit page or Youtube page for references and inspiration.

Once you’re all done, submit your links or photos to by 11:59 PM EST on September 24th, 2015. The prizes include:

  • First Place: 4 Steam keys for Moon Hunters (for you and three friends), the opportunity to name a creature, and a pixel art icon commission by our own Mike H
  • Second Place: 2 Steam keys for Moon Hunters and a pixel art icon commission
  • Third Place: 2 Steam keys for Moon Hunters

All winning keys also gain access to the restricted beta!

And now for the rules:

  1. The work must be your own. We want you to make it, but feel free to get help from friends or family members (with their permission, of course)
  2. It must involve Moon Hunters characters or settings
  3. You can submit multiple pieces, but sending more doesn’t increase your odds of winning
  4. No offensive language or vulgar images in your submissions, please. Stay cool.

Once we get the submissions, the staff of Kitfox Games (all 5 of us!) will be casting our votes for our top three picks, which we’ll tally up and announce after the end of the contest. The winners will be contacted by the e-mail they used to submit their work, and all of the submissions will be collected on a post here on our blog. And if you send it in time, we might even be able to show it off on our livestream on the 24th…! šŸ˜€

So get cracking, and we can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Tanya and the Kitfox Crew

Dustfolk Developments & New Prints and Shirts for Sale!

Originally sent to our newsletter and posted as a public Kickstarter update

It’s been TWO MONTHS since the Kickstarter campaign ended…!? That seems crazy. We’ve been working so hard in that time, the time is flying past. But we’re relatively on schedule for a beta in the spring or summer next year, complete with building your village, becoming a myth, and hunting for that missing moon.

We’re using the Dustfolk tribe as our test-bed for features, so the desert will feature prominently in this newsletter (and the next few to come)!

Holiday Merchandise Sale

First, we HAVE to tell you the urgent holiday news: we’re now selling art prints and shirts, with an all-new Songweaver design! If you forgot to pick up a shirt or poster, or think you know someone that would appreciate a gift like this, please do! Everything is at a discount until December 27th! The cutoff to have your order guaranteed to be delivered before Christmas is soon, so choose quickly!


Art Progress

Xin and G.P. have been cooking up characters, enemies, and environment pieces galore!


Dustfolk villagers: Ameehsal, Lahamu, Shamash, Seeker, Rafiq, and Kirisha!

One of our favorite NPCs not pictured above (though you can see him painted in detail from one of our livestreams) is Goatbone! Named by a Kickstarter backer, Goatbone appears when you build a Medicine Hut, offering to teach anyone his elixir recipes.


Design Progress

I’ve been using the environment pieces the artists create to build unique encounters for desert adventures. We call these encounters “chunks”. Whether it’s an enemy nest or a sub-plot, chunks are the basis for our procedural generation system, which strings them together (according to each chunk’s rarity) in a semi-coherent way. Here are a few example desert encounter chunks (all screenshots taken in-game!)


Feature Progress

Meanwhile, Jongwoo has been working on the tribe management and combat design, particularly in revamping the Spellblade to be more active and responsive. The Spellblade now has a “phase dash” that lets him move extra-quickly, and his area slash is even more fun when it pushes enemies around!



Mike has been improving the procedural generation of the adventure zones, working towards making them as attractive, surprising and satisfying as hand-built maps. There’s still lots of work to be done in making the scenery more interesting and varied, but we’re definitely making progress! Plus, he’s been writing a lot of the network code, getting the game compatible for online multiplayer!


Adventure that’s different every time!

We have been dealing with the physical rewards for the campaign as quickly as we can, but we still have a few more Kickstarter backer rewards to fulfill. We’ve sent out our postcards, most T-shirts and posters, but the fabric prints are taking a bit longer. The holidays means mail travels particularly slowly, so backers outside North America should watch for them arriving in early January. And if you’re a Super Collector, we’ll be sending your bunches of things all together, so be patient and watch for updates on Facebook and Twitter!

Our next big deadline is late January, when we hope to be able to show the game off publicly at a live demo night here in Montreal. In order to do that, we’ll need to make sure that only is our combat, village-building, and procedural generation up to snuff, but that we’ve squished any major bugs that will interrupt the presentation! Wish us luck!

Thanks for reading,
Tanya & the Kitfox Tribe

World Map, Procedural Generation, and Postcard Art!

Originally posted as a public Kickstarter update

The Hunt is definitely on!

Xin took some time to re-envision the world map, looking at old maps and using the lore we’ve been working on to get the right flavor. So this is the new design for the fabric print available to Weaver and Super Collector backers, a lovely illustration of one Moon Hunters world:


Of course, this is only one configuration out of effectively infinite possibilities. The Wolf Clan village will always be in the jungle, for example, but landmarks (such as Tyrant’s End) are random selections from a wide possible variety, and the world grows naturally, randomly, different every time.

So perhaps it’s fitting that Mike worked a bunch on the procedural level generation, too! Each “adventure area” (or you can call it a Danger Zone, I don’t mind) is made up of level “chunks”, which can involve an assortment of pre-built enemy spawns, special events, dungeon entrances, etc. In the editor screenshot below, the player spawn is in the upper left, with the purple dot on the right being the goal and how to leave/’complete’ the area.

Screenshot 2014-10-07 18.01.17

Some levels will be much more open and exploratory than this — others will be even more tight and focused. We’re also in the midst of building our Chunk Editor tool, which will let me build dozens (or hundreds! thousands! okay probably not millions) of possible chunks as puzzle pieces to build the levels.

Also, Xin recently finished the art that will adorn the Pen Pal (and Super Collector) postcards, which we’ll be ordering from the print shop in the next week or two and sending out soon after. It’s a concept for the atmosphere, culture, and wildlife in the riverland that is the home of the Celestin nomad tribe, which you all unlocked as our first stretch goal!


Each tribe calls the Moon Goddess by different names, and the Celestin prefer “Queen-in-Exile” or “Dark Lady”, invoking her for various reasons but especially when they feel in need of calm, rational thinking, and/or forgiveness.

You can also see a possible new design for a familiar animal, a cleverly camouflaged amphibian — perhaps this is what they call a Riverchild? The Celestin say that the souls of men who meet an early death sometimes return as pale, sickly-white Riverchildren, haunting the mothers and lovers that outlive them. I wasn’t sure what a Riverchild looked like before, but perhaps this is it…

Next Time?

If you have a friend who wants to pre-order, point them to our game site, and then encourage them to find us on some kind of social media or other. Otherwise, it’ll be hard for them to hear about when the game’s ready to release, or start beta testing, or when our development livestreams start up again!

For the next while, we’ll be working on our Tribe Management and growth systems, and online networking, so maybe more information on that would be in order..?

Until then, by the light of the Moon,

Tanya & the Kitfox tribe

Moon Hunters Art Process

Xin’s been painting for a live audience every Friday afternoon from 3-5 EST, and for those of you who can’t make it, we thought we’d share the steps in his process!

First, he gets some kind of direction. For the example below, we knew we needed more art direction for our landscape development. The previous landscape he concepted was quite bright, and themed along bone and blood, in a relatively clear hilly area.

In the dark Moon Hunters universe, bone and blood are aligned with the Moon-worshipping player characters. So, the other end of the scale would be a densely wooded area where the villainous Sun cultists might have set up a lair.

With the overall idea in mind (dark, dense, Sun), he looks through our mood board, surfs some Google references, and thumbnails in monochrome to get the overall composition, doing this 4 to 6 times before picking the one he’ll go forward with. This takes about fifteen minutes to half an hour in total. He doesn’t need to explain to anyone else what the vision is — this is just for his own reference.


This is where the live-stream started. He dropped the opacity down and draws on top. He took roughly an hour to “ink” it (since the Moon Hunters styling is heavy inked lines), and another hour to splash in some basic colors.


After the livestream ended, he took another four hours or so to clean it up, polish it, and layer in more details and color. As you can see, in this one he took a bit of extra time to re-work the central architecture, keeping the ‘sunburst’ motif but making the construction more elegant.


The next step? Translating this into a scene in the game… join us Friday for another glimpse into the Moon Hunters universe!

Livestream Today: Concept Art Live!

Today Xin will be live-streaming painting a watercolor concept for Moon Hunters, from sketch to semi-finished, from 3pm to 5pm EST today (Friday June 27th).

We’ll probably be making a habit of it, so mark your calendars! We’re likely to continue streaming art for the time being, but maybe we’ll veer off into other parts of game development as the game marches towards release.

A couple of days ago as a test, Xin brought this Marrow Temple sketch:


up to this:


And this time, he says the piece will be ‘darker’. Tune in to find out what he means!

Also, note that if you were subscribed to the Moon Hunters newsletter, you would have already received a notice in your inbox about this! Join if you want more timely information. šŸ™‚

Moon Hunters Update: the Dustfolk and the High Tribes

If you’ve already subscribed to the newsletter, you’ve probably already seen all of this! But for the rest of you…

Xin and I have been working on defining the different people and cultures of the Moon Hunters world, starting with the mountains, deserts, and forests.


The Dustfolk


The desert tribes are some of the friendliest, relying heavily on Blood magics to detect water beneath the surface, digging incredibly deep wells as needed. Even the smallest children of the tribe can usually recite basic Blood prayers, giving the desert folk a reputation for quick healing and practical wisdom.

Desert priestesses speak of an ancient thirst that draws all of humanity down into the cavernous flesh of the earth, safe from the evil sun. However, two storytellers rarely agree on what happens down there, for those that answer the call and indulge their thirst.

Here’s an assortment of villagers drawn from a few different tribes, side-by-side for comparison with the heroes. The differences can be rather subtle, but you can learn the style and customs of each tribe after spending more time with them.

The High Tribes

The people of the wind-chapped mountains are hunters, not farmers, as there’s neither enough fertile soil nor sunlight to sustain most vegetables. Even in mid-summer, the evil Sun is a distant, pearly figure, not so much brighter than the Moon. Of all environments, the peaks may be the most similar in night and day, seemingly trapped in a constant dusk.


(The beetle in the gif probably isn’t native to that climate, but it sure does look happy about its travels! We’re not sure whether it’s dancing to impress its reflection or it’s just trying to keep warm. Either way, dance, beetle, dance!)

Most tribes prefer to build in wood, mud, or grass, but the High Tribes legends say they moved to a higher elevation to test their strength and self-discipline. They revel in the challenging permanence of stone and metal, with artisans excelling in Bronze magics and careful stonework. As a result, the finest jewelry, metal blades, and architectural advances tend to come from the mountain folk. In addition to hunting for meat and skins, they supplement their supplies with trading.

The High Tribes’ most profitable export is in weaponry. The Spellblade wields weapons forged by High Tribes on the jagged peaks of the Zaragos Mountains, where winds ceaselessly dig ore out of the very stone. After many years of hermetic study, training, and meditation, a Spellblade fuses his or her own will into the very metal, until the blade can anticipate its master’s whims.


(Note for the detail-oriented: it’s not a scabbard, the wrappings hold together multiple layers of leather.)

Unfortunately, looking down on the world from their elevated viewpoint, the High Tribes tell themselves that they are closest to the Moon and most deserving of Her power. Most of its leadership are arrogant, possessing very little respect for those with more compassion. There are always exceptions, of course, particularly among merchants and rebellious youth, but the High Tribe culture is dominated by a sense of prideful superiority, valuing strength, purity, and loyalty over other, “lesser” virtues.


A few people have asked whether we’ll crowdfund using the Square Enix Collective, but the honest answer is that we don’t know! Maybe! We haven’t decided yet what the best course of action is. For now, we’re keeping our heads down and working on the game.

At this point, we’re hoping to be ready for crowdfunding in July or August. We want to make sure we put our best foot forward and offer as much gameplay footage as possible. In the meantime, we’re glad to have you along for the journey!

Moon Hunters: Druid Character Concepts

If you’ve been reading our newsletter, you’ll know that Xin has been painting up a storm, taking references from every which way to inform our ancient world.

Moon Hunters is set in an age when gods walked the earth, when the tribes of mortals were still finding their purpose in the world, and defining what it meant to be human. The spirit of every creature and object is fresh and alive, newly captured by the hands of its creators.


With this vivacity in mind, we enlisted the help of the amazing G.P. Lackey, a talented artist you may recognise from such excellent games as Fez, Skipping Stones, Death Road to Canada, Fallen City, Frobisher Says, and others. Xin and G.P. have really been pushing the pixels to bring even more personality to the characters. Here’s how the Druid has evolved:


As a master of Wild magics, the Druid can speak in tongues older than apes and war. Druids are only partially human after becoming attuned to the green of leaf and red of tooth. Some prefer to run in packs or herds, delighting in the company of others and entertaining friends with tales of what happens in the light of the full Moon. Others prefer the quiet companionship of trees and flora, shunning other humans as noisy, impatient animals, rushing around too quickly to absorb the wisdom that comes from roots sunk down deep into the soil.

Ancient myth tells us that when the Sun tried to slay the Moon and take Her power the first time, the earth and everything on it were formed from the flesh of the goddess’s body, and the rivers from Her blood. Druids are grateful to the Moon for Her sacrifice, so that all creatures may live and grow from Her gift.

Moon Hunters will allow you to customise your character in color palette and head. Here’s an example alternate color that G.P.’s been working on:


Gameplay-wise, we’re thinking the Druid can help the party explore by persuading stubborn brambles and beasts to step out of the way. We’re toying with a few different ideas for the Druid — does the Druid summon Wild creatures to help in battle, or transform into different creatures? Or both? We’re honestly not sure yet, but we’ll let you know when the prototype is ready to show.

And a few character customisation head concepts from Xin are below. Some are funny, others inscrutable. We’re hoping to keep the ‘weird’ tone, when they’re translated into pixel art.


Feel free to comment in the forums if you want to pressure Xin and G.P. to turn concepts and characters into wallpapers, or suggest a particular creature/character design.