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Fan Art Contest Winners

It was a tough decision with lots of great entries, but with only one grand prize, we had to make a decision. Congratulations to our winner, Alisdair Ross (@alisdaiross), for his rendition of the Moon Hunters Druid!

druid fanart

Look at that beautiful composition, color palette, and detail. Just gorgeous work, Alisdair. We hope you’ll love your art book and Indiebox as much as we love your art!

And this time, we decided to award three runners-up. All three will receive a signed art print of their choice. In no particular order:

by Kira Ocultus

by someartistkid

four friends
by Jeanette Leh

Congratulations to our winners!

And now for the honorable-mention submissions that touch our hearts. Thank you to all of the participants — we’re so glad you’re enjoying the game. We hope it can continue to inspire you.

We show them below, in no particular order, for everyone to admire. Aren’t they fantastic? Dreamy? We think so.

by Claire Loudis, (@foxdragonnerd)

by Enforcer
by Meta Evar
by Pavel Provotorov
by Ned Doodle
by Ned Doodle
by Ned Doodle
by Nickolas Solum

Fan Art and Cosplay Contest

In celebration of the Art of Moon Hunters going on sale, and the game being selected for the PAX 10, we’re running a community contest for the next two weeks.

Update: See the winners!

You could win the grand prize (estimated value ~$200):


The grand prize pack (one per category) includes our physical art book, four Steam keys, two artist-signed 6×9″ art prints, two buttons, and the contents of the limited-edition Moon Hunters Indiebox (including limited-edition coasters, ingredient fridge magnets, Sun Shrine USB key, silver crescent moon pin, soundtrack, sticker, and instruction manual).

Want a close up? We recorded a little video of each:


Runners-up will receive one artist-signed 6×9″ art print in the mail (their choice of the 2 designs), along with two Steam keys to the game.

Every entry must be in the Visual Art category and be Moon Hunters themed.

To enter, submit your entry, in the form of JPG, PNG, or video to by August 25th at midnight.

You can enter as many times as you like, but you can only win once for each category. If you’re a winner, we’ll contact you to get your mailing address.

Our favorite submissions will be displayed on the blog and/or social media. You are of course free to use your art, photos, or costume for whatever else you like, as you own the rights to it.


  • Q: Can I buy the prizes? A: Mostly! There are a few Indieboxes left, including shrine, manual, pin, coasters, magnets, and soundtrack. Plus you can order the art prints from Society6 (unsigned). The physical art book is available on Blurb! Contact us if you’d like to buy the PDF.
  • Q: Do you prefer digital or physical art? A: We have no preference, so long as you submit via email. It’s up to you, the artist!
  • Q: What about cooking? A: We love cooking! One of our favorite entries last time was a recipe (yay Jordan!), and cooking is a timeless human tradition. However, limiting the contest to visuals helps the judging process.. and three categories is too much for us right now! Maybe we’ll revisit cooking for a contest timed around Thanksgiving. šŸ™‚
  • Q: My entry is both visual art AND cosplay! A: Too bad! Pick one.
  • Q: What if I come to your PAX 10 table in my costume? A: That would be AWESOME. We’ll have a little present waiting for you, especially if you warn us ahead of time when you want to come by!

If you’re looking for inspiration, check out the gallery of last year’s entries. Now get drawing, or sewing!

With love and cookies,
Tanya and the Kitfox Crew

Super Blood Moon Eclipse Contest: WINNERS!

Late last night marked the end of our fan art contest and we can’t get over all the amazing entries we received! It was ridiculously impossible to pick winners. I mean, we eventually did it, but we just about died of disagreements.

No, seriously, we each voted for our favourites and talked about it at length until we came up with our list of winners. It was really tough, and we will never forgive you for making this decision so difficult. Our lives are very hard already, and here you are, sending in all this awesome stuff. Sheesh. Well done, everyone.

So with that suffering out of the way, let’s take a look at the drawings, poems, 3D model and recipe (!) below.

For runners up, we have a lovingly rendered pixel art submission of the Songweaver underĀ a Super Blood Moon, and a delicious looking dish inspired by some of the ingredients in Moon Hunters! (You can even prepare it yourself! :O )

Songweaver by Andrew Harron
Songweaver by Andrew Harron
Apricot Pecan Cake with a Honey Apricot Glaze by Jordan (professorlitwick)
Apricot Pecan Cake with a Honey Apricot Glaze by Jordan (professorlitwick)

In 3rd place, it’s Frederic Tarabout with his rendering of The RitualistĀ (Look at those flames! Those skulls! I think she means businessā€¦) He’ll get 2 Moon Hunters keys!

The Ritualist - Frederic Tarabout
The Ritualist – Frederic Tarabout

2nd place?Ā It’s Elliott Davis and his amazing 3D render of Teller Roa. You can even see the time-lapseĀ video and a Sketchfab model! He’ll get 2 Steam keys and a pixel art commission from Mike H!

Teller Roa by Elliott Davis
Teller Roa by Elliott Davis

And for 1st place, the top award goes toā€¦ Alex DiochonĀ with his interpretations of the main heroesĀ in Moon Hunters. We love how each one has a distinct look, outfit and pose Ā — especially the Spellblade.. but especially the Witch… but especially the Druid… and the Ritualist skulls… and check out that moon…! Alex will get 4 Moon Hunters keys, a pixel art commission by Mike H, AND he’ll be able to name a creature in the game.Ā Congratulations! šŸ™‚

Moon by Alex Diochon
Moon by Alex Diochon

Thank you so much to everyone who participated or who helped spread word about the contest! We love being able to see what inspires you fromĀ the world of Moon Hunters.

Hopefully we can hold another contest before the launch in January, but until then, be sure to keep up with our Kickstarter updates for major developments, or on Twitter @KitfoxGames. Be sure to check out the rest of the amazing submissions below! šŸ˜€

Ballad of a Missing Moon by Kiluwe Mbuyu
Ballad of a Missing Moon by Kiluwe Mbuyu
Where the Celestin Reside by Kevin Nguyen
The Witch by Meta Evar
Stolen Moon by John Harro
Stolen Moon by John Harro
Where the Celestin Reside by Kevin Nguyen
Where the Celestin Reside by Kevin Nguyen
Songweaver and Fifi by Jennifer Thym
Songweaver and Fifi by Jennifer Thym

IfĀ you ever make any fan art, please do feel free to post it anywhere and everywhere (Steam! Twitter! Facebook! a local art museum!) and let us know so we can tell everyone about how awesome you are! šŸ˜€ Your art always puts a smile on our faces, whatever medium you work in.

Super Blood Moon Fan Art Contest

With aĀ Super Blood Moon Eclipse coming up on September 27th, we’ve just got toĀ appease the lunar deities… so we decided to hold a fan art contest!

That means it’s time to get creative. Break out those markers, Photoshops, ukeleles, pens, notepads, Play-doh, needlework, and typewriters (or what-have-you) because it’s not limited to visual arts. Feel free to work in whatever medium you feel most comfortable in, as long as it involves characters or settings within the Moon Hunters universe. You can check out our Presskit page or Youtube page for references and inspiration.

Once you’re all done, submit your links or photos to by 11:59 PM EST on September 24th, 2015. The prizes include:

  • First Place: 4 Steam keys for Moon Hunters (for you and three friends), the opportunity to name a creature, and a pixel art icon commission by our own Mike H
  • Second Place: 2 Steam keys for Moon Hunters and a pixel art icon commission
  • Third Place: 2 Steam keys for Moon Hunters

All winning keys also gain access to the restricted beta!

And now for the rules:

  1. The work must be your own. We want you to make it, but feel free to get help from friends or family members (with their permission, of course)
  2. It must involve Moon Hunters characters or settings
  3. You can submit multiple pieces, but sending more doesn’t increase your odds of winning
  4. No offensive language or vulgar images in your submissions, please. Stay cool.

Once we get the submissions, the staff of Kitfox Games (all 5 of us!) will be casting our votes for our top three picks, which we’ll tally up and announce after the end of the contest. The winners will be contacted by the e-mail they used to submit their work, and all of the submissions will be collected on a post here on our blog. And if you send it in time, we might even be able to show it off on our livestream on the 24th…! šŸ˜€

So get cracking, and we can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Tanya and the Kitfox Crew