How to Change Skin in Minecraft?

Not all Minecraft players like the default skin that they have to play in a solo world or on a server. Fortunately, there are many different methods that allow you to change the image of the character. Let us discuss the available options for customizing the appearance.

The availability of each option depends on which version of the game you use and whether you would like other players on the server to see the new skin.

Replace the Default Skin on the PC

Instructions for those who wish to change the default skin only on the computer to see it when loading a single world:

  • Open the Run utility (Win + R), type %appdata%, and press Enter.
  • After opening the new directory, navigate to the internal Roaming folder.
  • Open the game directory and find the Bin subfolder.
  • Find the file Char (skin) in it and replace it with the one that you downloaded from the network in advance.
  • If the specified directory is missing, go to asset/skins and paste the file there.

After that, you can immediately launch the client and open any world to check the installation of the skin. If the game was already running, restart it. The following statement is an alternative:

  • The resulting image with the skin file will need to be renamed to steve.png.
  • In the same utility, paste the command %appdata%\.minecraft\versions\ and confirm its entry.
  • Find the directory with the version of the game you usually run.
  • Navigate to assets > minecraft > textures > entity and paste in the replacement skin.

Use Third-party Launchers

There are many launchers for Minecraft, which are sometimes installed automatically. Usually, in the main menu of such a launcher, there is a separate tab or menu where you can select the skin with which the game will start.

Find a convenient launcher on the Internet or download the one offered by the server and then customize the appearance of the character to your liking.

Change the Skin on the Server

When playing on any server, even in the absence of a launcher, you can change the skin to any available one using the commands added by the administration. To do this, you will have to go to the official website of the server or call the prompt command, where the list of all available parameters is located.

The new look will be visible to all other players on the server. Keep in mind that a certain set of skins is often only available to the administration or other privileged players, so don't be surprised if you suddenly don't find skin like another user on the same server.

Set up Skin in Your Account

The last option is only suitable for owners of a licensed copy of Minecraft. Such users can open a personal account on the official website, go to the ‘Skin’ section, and select one of the available skins. Accordingly, all players on the official servers see this appearance.

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